Danny Ellison
Danny Ellison
Nickname(s) Lizzard
Gender Male
Nationality American
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations Black Nights
Birth February 20, 1997 (aged 16)
Alma, Arkansas
Weapon M4

Danny Ellison (born February 20, 1997), was Airsoft, and GhostReconbrothers.


Early lifeEdit

Ellison was born on August 27, 1997, lived Fayetteville, Arkansas. He have a brother named James Ellison. Right he was almost 16, he joined as musician and joined "The Arkansas Boys", and renamed "Danny & the Janitors". Right then, hes father Andrew Ellison, run for President of United States, but won. Also Ellison family be a Democratic Party.

After Ellison come to High school, he wants to be Class President of Fayetteville High School. When he renamed the mucic doo-wop group called, Danny and The Janitors, at aged 16, because hes father is president. And Hes hit single named "At the hop", and the group signed to King Records.


2009-present and leg tremorEdit

Danny Ellison1

Ellison begin airsoft on Apirl 24, 2009, he begin to start hes youtube account named "GhostReconbrothers". During the time, he suffers tremors around hes leg and hes arm while he was 12 yrs old. At age of 16, he have british and first girlfriend was Kate Marshall.

By hes 3rd Arkansas Airsoft game, a middle of it, he saw a ghost, he got scared.

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